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Covid-19 Update

We are pleased to announce the gym will be reopening on the 25th of July as per the recent government instructions. The gym will be open for it's normal opening hours as before and indicated on this website.


Returning members can restart their standing orders again for their membership by contacting their bank and chosing the 1st of August as the first payment date. Alternatively come into the gym and fill out another standing order form.


Thank you to all our members and clients for your ongoing support during the Covid 19 national crisis.


We will be implementing some saftey measures in the gym such as a sanitation station, anti bacterial sprays and wipes throught the gym and the possibility of some screens to help with social distancing. We will also be looking at a possible limit on the amount of members allowed in at one time and there will be signs up to remind members to wipe down the equipment after each use and to try and keep distance best they can.


We are also asking any members who have currently got covid symptoms to not attend the gym for at least 7 days and those members who have come into contact with an infected person to not attend the gym for at least 14 days as per government guidelines.


We we also be introducing a one way system around the gym.


If you wish to wear a mask while training or any other type of PPE it is entirely up to you. 


Leon (Managing Director) 09/07/20


Here at WTF you are not just another number, sweet talked into a deal that may or may not be right for you to hit a directors sales target but you are instead a valued member of our community.


We don’t have a corporate marketing department or a heavy budget for roping people in, instead we rely upon our solid service and promise to our members of fairness to make everyone pay the same low rate.


So what are the advantages of being part of our community?


  • 100% The best atmosphere to work out in! Period!  Our no 1 gym rule is leave your ego at the door! Therefore there are no intimidating or "poser" members, no territorial, gossip fueled, clicky groups that dominate the gym space, nor are there any wannabe in-your-face fitness celebrities or bodybuilders/models with 10k+ LFL followers on Intagram. Our members come to train, make the most out of their time at the gym and then get on with their day. 
  • The best equipment to membership ratios (see below) and also the best equipment range - most of it sourced locally from the town itself. Our equipment is not only excellent quality but it is also maintained and repaired to a fast and high standard.
  • The lowest, consistent membership price with no joining fee and no contract
  • The most experienced, value for money Personal Training and Class Instructor team
  • FREE meal plans, workout plans and supplement advice
  • A friendly, relaxed and vibrant ever progressing and expanding local community that supports and encourages its members and practices what it preaches.
  • Honest advice and direction - If we don’t think a particular diet or workout plan is right for you for whatever reason, be it medical or lifestyle related we will not sell it to you.
  • We also take care of our own! If we can use our network and resources to help you in any way, please ask; be it helping with your business, charity or personal situation.


So why not give your support to a local business and take control of your future health and come along and join us at WTF! ;-)

Our Ethos

We won’t be beaten on our membership numbers to equipment ratios!


As we know at WTF getting on what equipment you want when you want makes long term happy members!


As what use is all the below stuff we are about to mention when your gym has thousands of members to share it amongst!


So take all this....


TWO Dumbbell Sections: both COMPLETE RANGE from 2 kg to 50 kg with 5 adjustable benches!

TWO Squat/Multi Racks with Olympic bars and over 1000 kg of weight plates

TWO Cable machines (Wide and crossover)

THREE Bench press stations (Flat and Decline)

Smith machine

Plate loaded resistance machine range including leg press and t-bar row

Heavy 70 kg commercial Muay Thai bag and a full set of gloves and punch and kick pads

Complete cardio range including treadmills, rowers, bikes, stepper and x-trainers

Complete weight stack loaded resistance machine range to cover all muscle groups

Strength and conditioning equipment range including battle ropes, TRX and kettlebells


We are confident even at our busiest times you won’t be stuck waiting for equipment!


We challenge you to come down and prove us wrong.


New Equipment Now In the Gym

Great news equipment is now here to expand our already great range! We have a Pec deck, Abductor and Adductor machines and a Glutes/Hamstring machine now in the gym.

Our Chosen Charities

LOL Foundation

We are proud to have played a small part in the LOL (Listening Out Loud) foundations mission in getting homeless Veterans back on their feet again. Our very own Leon used to work for the charity and we try and encourage the veterans to come and train at the gym alongside a range of outdoor activies.


If you are interested in findng more about the charity or you are a homeless Veteran yourself please visit the website below.





Unit 17 Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

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