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WTF Training Ltd

Unit 17

Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ


Phone: 01260 279933




If you have an enquiry about personal training, please contact a PT directly on the WTF TEAM page.

If you have an enquiry about memberships (including VIP memberships), inductions or anything else please use the contact info above.


If you cant get through on the gym phone line

Please be aware we do not have a dedicated receptionist for the whole 94 hours a week the gym is open. Staff members multi-task in taking classes, carrying out PT sessions/inductions, tidying the gym and carrying out admin work, therefore we may not always be able to answer the Gym phone line all the time.  So if you cant get through please e-mail us at the address above or the contact form below and leave your details and we will get back to you.


How to get here

On Havannah Street we are on the top floor of the Naturecraft building (located past the APEX building and opposite Oracle School), drive in and park in the car park within the compound, and take the outside stairs up to the gym entrance.



There is a car park directly outside the gym that is used almost exclusively by our members between the hours of 6 am to 9 am and then 4 pm onwards to 10 pm weekdays and then normal opening hours 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. Members rarely get any issues parking here at those times.


The car park can however get busy between the hours of 9am and 4pm on week days, (Particularly during the school term weeks) this is because other business and a small school use the car park during working hours.


As spaces are limited during this time we kindly ask our members if they do park in the car park to only take up one space and not to park in a way as to take up 2 spaces over 2 bays.


There are also many alternative places to park within a few minutes’ walk from the gym if the car park is full; The best alternative place to park is an unadopted stretch of land on Havannah Street just opposite the blue APEX building down the side of the newly built flats (It is divided by a large brown fence) there are spaces there for at least 10 vehicles and it is often completely empty in the day time. You can also try Mill, Queen or King Street West of the gym or anywhere further down Havannah Street East of the gym going up to the foot bridge or where the shops are.


If you are arriving from the Eaton Bank or the Lower Heath area you may find it faster and easier to park on Eaton bank or Riverdane road (near Siemens)  and then cross over the foot bridge which is under 1 minutes’ walk from the gym. This will cut out a big chunk of road and save you a 5 - 10 minute drive through the town center.


Likewise, if you are a Siemens Employee, you will find it much more convenient to walk to the gym directly from the Siemens car park over the foot bridge as outlined above before or after your shift.

Sales Agents Procedure

Sales agents includes the following: anyone who is trying to sell a product or service whether you are working for yourself or representing another company either freelance or employed.

To ensure the maximum amount of potential success with selling your product or service to us please follow the below guidelines;

  1. Please do not turn up at the gym without an appointment - period! You will be dismissed immediately and asked to leave.
  2. The only person in charge of making any decisions on buying your product or service is Leon - he is solely responsible for all the gyms finances. Please do not approach or attempt to contact any other member of the team, this will only waste your time.
  3. The best way to contact us is via e-mail and to e-mail Leon directly on if you call us you will only be asked to provide all details of your company and product/service via e-mail anyway.
  4. We will then do the relevant checks on your company and personal name for any articles or incidents relating to fraud. We will also use our own contacts within the industry and use the internet to check on your companies reputation and credibility.
  5. After the above checks have been carried out will we then look at your product or service and contact you directly if we are interested.


Unit 17 Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

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