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Our gym has been designed by people who train regularly and have also trained others for many years, and who also have a wide wealth of experience training in all different types of gyms of different sizes and purposes. Be it a commercial gym chain designed to maximize numbers and profits or be it a specialized bodybuilding or strength and conditioning unit where function is the goal.

Here at WTF we have bought the worlds of commercial and function together and have created stations that a range of exercises can be performed, while still offering enough single use stations for members to work on one muscle group at a time.


It can be confusing and overwhelming stepping into a large commercial gym chain with over 20,000 square foot of gym floor space and facing hundreds of different single use stations all working the same muscle group. Often you will jump on one station then the next exercise you want to use is either being used or is positioned 5 min's walk away on the other side of the gym. This leaves you limited to what you can achieve in a small amount of time and only adds to frustration and prolongs your workout.


At WTF we have based our gym around compound free weight exercises, as they are the most effective and time efficient way to sculpt a physique. This means you can get on to a single station and carry out deadlifts, squats, bench press, shoulder press or pull ups and then throw in any other conditioning or free weight exercise you like using barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells. This allows you to get what you need to get done fast and then get on with your day.


We then offer a range of all the basic single use stations for members that are new to the gym, have injuries or for members that wish to further focus on a single muscle group.


Add a complete cardio range to this, all close by, so then strength and conditioning circuits can be completed with ease using cardio and free weights back to back or alternatively members can focus on cardio alone.






Dumbbells - 5 kg to 50 kg (2.5 kg increments)

Dumbbells  -5 kg to 50 kg (2.5 kg increments) - Second Set

Hex Dumbbells - 1 to 10 kg (1 kg increments)

800 kg Olympic Weight Plates - 1.25 kg to 25 kg

10 x Fixed Straight and Curved Barbells - 10 kg to 35 kg

5x Adjustable Weight Benches (Incline, Flat and Decline)

Flat Bench

Squat Rack (with pull up bar and olympic bar)

Multi Rack - Squat and Press (with olympic bar)

Smith Machine 

Bench Press Rack (with olympic bar)

Decline Bench Press Rack (with olympic bar)

Preacher Curl (with EZ bar)

Dead lift Platform (with olympic bar)

6 x Kettlebells 8 kg to 32 kg

5 x Medicine Balls 1 kg to 10 kg


Resistance Machines 


2 x Belt Colums (Multiple Attachements - used for wide cable exercises)

Cable Crossover Machine (Multiple Attachements and with Pull up bars)

Lat Pull Down

Cable Low Row

Pull Up and Dip Assist

Leg Press

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Low Row

Tricep Push Down

2 x Shoulder Press 

Ab Crunch

Ab Coaster

Back Extension



Pec Deck

2 x Multi Press (Flat bench, Incline and shoulder)

45 Degree Leg press (Plate loaded)

T Bar Row (Plate Loaded)


Accessories and Core

Weighted Vest (10 kg)

Pull Up/Dip Belt

Weight Lifting Support Belts

3 x Reebock step decks

Stretching Bands

Squat Support Pads


Cardio Machines


3 x Treadmills

2 x X-Trainers

2 x Concept 2 Rowers

1 x Stepper

2 x Exercise Bikes

1 x Heart Rate Spin Bike


Fitness Equipment



10 x Chrome Dumbbells - 1 kg to 10 kg

Large Ab crash mat

Foam Roller

Battle Ropes

Glutes/Hamstring Machine




Heavy (70 kg) Thai Boxing Punch and kick Bag

Hook and Jab Pads

Muay Thai Pads

Kick Pad

Boxing Gloves 8oz - 12 oz

Skipping Ropes



Reception with Sofa

Free Cold Water Machine

2x shower and changing rooms



Coat hooks

Accurate Digital Scales for body weight

Body fat and blood pressure testing (Please ask at reception)

First Aid Kit



Unit 17 Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

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