Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of gym is WTF?


We are a local health and fitness community 

We are for the everyday person wanting to better their health and body regardless of age, shape/size, gender, income/wealth, fitness or strength level. Our number one gym rule is "leave your ego at the door" - so what you will get is the best atmosphere you will have ever worked out in your life, where everyone just gets on with what they came to do with all the agendas cut out! Combine that with the fact we have a great equipment range where we have doubled up on all the essentials like squat racks and dumbbells rather than wasting space on gimmiky equipment that are in fashion one minute and out the next! You will also have fewer members to share that equipment with.

Mix all that together and what do you get - the perfect place to work out!



What are your normal opening times and what about bank holidays?

Monday to Thursday - 6:00am till 10:00pm

Friday - 6:00am till 8:00pm

Saturday and Sunday - 9:00am till 5:00pm


On all public bank holidays we are open 9:00am till 5:00pm


Christmas day (25th December) Boxing day (26th December) and New years day (1st January) we are CLOSED.

We also operate 9am to 5pm opening times on Christmas eve and New years eve if they land on a week day.


Please note that before the gym officially opens sometimes WTF staff members may have early clients and if you arrive early you will be allowed to train. Please though do not come to rely on this as our staff training sessions can vary from week to week and you may be dissapointed if you turn up early and the gym is not open yet.

Please note if no members are in the gym 30 mins prior to closing time we will close up early, so if you wish to train late please turn up with at least 30 mins of training time available.


What is the membership spilt - male to female?

We are currently running at around 50% men, 50% women


Do you do corporate membership deals?

Yes, we currently have a few deals set up with local businesses. The terms of the deal will be dependent on many factors, please contact Jonny for more details.


Do I need to attend an induction?

Inductions are optional, you do not need to book one in if you don't need one. You do however need to fill in a Par-Q (Health form) upon joining. If there are any health problems or injuries you might have that will affect your ability or safety to exercise, we may request that you consult your GP before joining the gym.


Can someone give me an exercise program?

We will provide you with a start-up exercise program after your induction, please note that this will only last you for the first month of your training. It is then your responsibility to progress and expand on your workouts. We have provided a whole selection of workouts for you to try on this web-site so please look at them for ideas!

The best way to learn proper lifting technique and to constantly progress your workouts though is to hire a personal trainer or upgrade your membership to VIP. Please see one of the team at the gym for more details.


When is the gym most busy?

The Gym generally is most busy between the hours of 5pm - 8pm Monday to Thursday; it also gets particularly busy at those peak times in January and February and in the summer months (June, July, and August). If you wish to train at a quieter time, please have this information in mind when planning your visit.


What do I need to bring with me during my work-out?

We advise all members to bring with them a sweat towel and water bottle. Please also ensure you wear a clean pair of trainers and some appropriate clothes to workout in!

You may also want to get yourself a pair of weight lifting gloves to protect the skin on your hands if you are doing a lot of resistance training.


Do you have lockers, changing rooms and toilets?

Yes, we have lockers for members on site and also separate male and female changing rooms with showers and a toilet.

Please note there is no towel rental, free shower gel or shampoo so members will need to bring their own if they wish to shower at the gym. 

We recommend you do not leave your valuables at reception, our staff members on shift constantly multi-task and may be training clients or leading classes and you may not be able to get your belongings back when you want them. Please use the lockers provided.


Do you have any disabled access?

There is no disabled access; the gym is only accessible up a stairway.

GYM Etiquette

We like to follow a few basic guidelines at WTF to ensure the smooth running of the gym for all our members!


Please always put back the equipment you are using back where it came from after you finish your set - this could be dumbbells, barbells, weight plates or any other items. This also includes stripping an Olympic bar and putting the plates back on the storage pins after you have finished; a lot of women also use the strength equipment and may not be able to lift off 20 kg plates from a high racked position.


Please do not remove the Olympic bars away from their stations on the racks. They are too big (7 foot long) and dangerous to use anywhere else in the gym, therefore we have created areas for them to be used safely from, with adequate space in front of the racks to perform lifts such as the deadlift and shoulder press.


It is very bad gym etiquette to take over too many stations in a "circuit". Please do not squat on the squat rack followed by a set on a bench with dumbbells, followed by a set on a resistance machine and then prevent any member from using any of those 3 stations while you complete your circuit.


Clean up any sweat marks you may have left on the equipment you are using. It is a good idea to put your sweat towel down on the bench or machine you are using to prevent sweat getting on to it in the first place. Also please do not use our toilet roll as a substitute for a sweat towel, this is a waste of resources as a simple £3 purchase from the internet or a local sports shop will last you all the brow wiping you could possibly need for many years to come!


Please do not rest barbells or dumbbells on the weight benches, this will only damage the fabric of the bench and reduce its life span and also prevent any other member from using the bench. Please use the racks provided to store these items when they are not in use or simply leave them on the floor.


Do not use a resistance machine or any other equipment for anything other than what it is designed for. For example trying to leg press on a smith machine is highly dangerous and trying to neck curl on all fours on a leg curl machine is just plain silly.


Do not add a weight plate to an existing weight stack on a resistance machine. This is sometimes done by resting the middle of the weight plate on additional pin that is stuck into the machines rack. This will most certainly damage the machine and add extra tension to the machines belt that it was not designed to take. Please rather than overload a machine perform a suitable free weight exercise to work that muscle group where you can lift up to 320 kg! A member of the team will be happy to show you an alternative exercise.


If a certain piece of equipment is being used that you need, please either do something else in your workout and wait for it to become available or ask the member on the equipment if you can work in with them as they rest in-between sets.


Please do not abuse the equipment and throw weights too hard down on the floor or release weight stacks on machines too aggressively. This will only damage the equipment and your own body - in particular your joints and lower back. It is more beneficial to the development of your body to complete your sets controlled and at a slow tempo, especially when lowering the weight from its starting position.


Do not workout topless and please wait till you get home before you start removing any clothes to admire your body!


There is no need to shout, grunt, moan or scream when lifting weights; this will only put off and/or intimidate other members.


For your own safety; never bench press or squat on the Olympic bar a weight that is in your 1 - 5 rep range or too heavy for you without a spotter. Always ask a staff member or someone near you to help if you need a spot.


Please do not hog equipment for long periods of time, especially in large groups. Finish your sets and move on with your workout. Any larger training groups of more than 3 people will be too time inefficient for everyone in the group to get an effective workout - you will spend most of your time resting, talking, awkwardly staring at other members and not working out. WTF is not a youth or a social club; our members come to workout and then get on with their day!


Always ensure you wear clean footwear and clothes, suitable for exercise. Please do not come directly from work with dirty shoes and overalls and drag them round the gym.


Ensure good personal hygiene BEFORE you come to the gym and start your workout. It is very off putting to work-out near someone with bad personal hygiene who is also sweating and therefore increasing the intensity of the odor.


Please do not treat the gym like your bedroom and leave items of your clothing and personal belongings scattered around the equipment - especially large sports bags. This will only confuse other members as to what equipment you are actually using and the sports bags act as a trip hazard. Please put all your belongings away in the lockers or coat hangers provided.


For your own health and safety please do not run with dumbbells or any other weights on the treadmills, this is a highly dangerous activity with very little benefit in terms of fitness gains.

Also please do not stamp aggressively with your heels while you run on the treadmills (Heel Striking) this is an inefficient way to run and will not only damage the treadmill but will also damage your own body and joints. Please see a member of the team if you are unsure of good running technique.


We totally understand that members are going to bring to the gym with them protein and pre-work out powders as well as shaker bottles. Please though can you be careful not to spill powder or liquid shake over the gym, changing rooms or toilet floor!


Please do not film yourself or get someone else to film yourself training at the gym. Other members do not want to appear on your video and feel like they are part of some kind of reality TV show - please respect that.


Illegal Drugs

We have an absolute zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs of any kind at the gym.


This includes the following


  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Oral Steriods of any kind
  • Liquid/Injected Steriods of any kind
  • Illegal Fat burners such as ephedrine and clenbuterol


Please do not attempt to sell or use any of these drugs at the gym, your membership will be cancelled and you will be banned from training here ever again.


If any member is ever tempted to start a course of steriods or any other illegal performance enhancing substance please contact one of the WTF team. Anything you say will be taken in the strictist of confidence and will be dicussed in a private manner.

Also if you are currently on a course and are starting to question your decision please contact one of the WTF team directly. We can help you to see the massive outweighing negative effects of taking steriods and the dangers of what other lethal drugs and addictions they can lead to.

We can then get you on a clean eating and training plan to help you get the results that you want.


Lost Property

Any clothing items or personal belongings left in the lockers or the gym at the end of the night will be kept behind reception. Please ask at reception if you have lost an item in the gym.

Please be aware items of higer value such as jewellery and wallets we will do our best to contact and return to the owner. Failing to find an owner we will hand them over to the police.

With items of clothing we will hold them at the gym for no longer than 3 months - after this time if they remain unclaimed they will be given over to charity.



Unit 17 Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

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