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Standard Membership

No contract, no joining fee, pay by standing order, unlimited access

VIP Membership

As above but includes a 40 min PT session every month and a new programme and meal plan

Day Pass Includes use of gym for that day £5
Membership Form
You can download this form and print out a copy, fill it out and bring it in to us to set up your membership or alternatively pick up a form from reception at the gym. You can also hand this form directly into your bank yourself.
Standing Order Form - NEW.pdf
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Online Banking

You can also set up your membership with online banking, this is the fastest and most efficient method.

Just log into your account and set up a monthly standing order to the following details:


WTF Training Ltd

Account Number: 10175546

Sort Code: 16-17-12


Just chose a membership option and a payment date as detailed below and use your name as a reference so we know who it is.

You can also pay for a day entry pass through online banking by making a one off payment.

Payment Dates


We now have two standing order payment dates, either the 1st of the month or the 15th.


If you join us between the 1st and the 7th your standing order will start on the 15th of the same month.

If you join us between the 8th and the 22nd your standing order will start on the 1st of the next month.

If you join us from the 23rd till the end of the month your standing order will start on the 15th of the next month.


As soon as you hand the form over to us you are considered a member, so you will in effect get 1 to 2 weeks free membership depending on what date you join.


Please note if you wish to have multiple members on the same bank account e.g. your partner or children - you will need to fill in one membership form for the whole group.


For two members the price will be £39.98

for three members the price will be £59.97 etc


Please put all the names of the group on the top of the form and fill in the allocated persons bank details as normal.


If you are on the VIP membership option please set the amount to £29.99 rather than £19.99 when filling out the form.



Cancelling Memberships

As you are not in a contract please cancel your standing order to us directly at your Bank, there is no need to tell us you are going to cancel the payments. The system will automatically tell us you have cancelled when it passes your usual monthly payment date and will change your status to a non-member.


As you are paying through standing order and not direct debit please note we cannot cancel your payments for you. If you no longer wish to be a member it is your responsibility to cancel the payments.


If you have multiple payments and members on one account; if any of the group wishes to leave the gym and the others want to stay, please just reduce the payment amount as appropriate.

Please also be aware there is a strict no refund policy on membership fees. We will not be held responsible for your ability or inability to manage your own personal finances.

At the managements discretion though we may gift you with some free membership time at a later date, depending on individual extenuating  circumstances.

Membership Payment Checks

Please be aware at WTF we do run a relaxed system and pride ourselves on our friendly and trusting atmosphere; therefore not all members report to reception and scan in all the time.


We will however perform random regular checks on the gym, where we will take everyones name that is currently present and also check their payment history.

If this happens when you are working out one time please do not take it personally, after getting your details we will only get back to you if there is a problem with your payments.


If there is a problem with your payments:

Do not worry we will automatically assume this is a mistake or bank error.

You will be first asked to check your own bank records, and then provide proof you have paid


Sometimes members payments do not always go through or get processed, this could be due to a bank error or due to lack of available funds on your account or your account might be unable to set up standing orders. Also sometimes your payment can come through in a different name, such as your partners name if it is a joint account.


If after checking your bank account you discover you have not paid you will then be asked to set up a new standing order with your bank directly and pay any back dated membership fees that you owe in cash or by direct bank transfer.



If you are a non-member please report to reception or approach any member of staff on your immediate entry to the gym and pay the day entry fee. Do not wait till the end of your training session.


Please note we now have internal CCTV throughout the gym. This is soley for the purpose to resolve any disputes that arrise over the historic length of memberships or past attendace of non-members.



Unit 17 Albion Mill

Havannah Street


CW12 2AQ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

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