Personal Training


This is the most effective and fastest way to reach your health and fitness goals.


Getting a personal trainer at WTF can cost as little as £10 a month; with block booking discounts and PT group training available and there is always a price option to suit all!


We have a range of trainers here at WTF all with their own areas of expertise.


All our trainers are fully qualified and insured and are assessed by our management so they meet our standards before they are allowed to join the team.


For a list of our Personal Trainers please see Our Team


Each personal Trainer has different pricing structures and areas of expertise, so please pick one you like the sound of contact them directly. 

Alternativley contact Leon at who will be happy to go through the PT options wtih you and book you in for a free taster session/consultation.


Our team does not pretend to be anything it isnt, you will never hear us making claims we are some kind of PHD level technical exercise scientist in order to justify charging you a premimum rate.

What we are though is real human beings with years of experience and qualifications training everyday people. We have also been in the same situations as alot of our clients are when they start with us - be it obseity, eating disorders, low confidence, recovering from injuries or dealing with an illness or condition that affects their phyisical ability.

What you will also get from us is honesty, we may not tell you exactly what you want to hear all the time but you will get the truth; as we know this may not get us numerous flash sales sold to on false claims but it will get us solid long term happy clients.


Personal training is an added cost but its great value for money. All personal training clients will receive a success file which will include:


  • Nutrition plans and articles
  • Food diaries
  • Regular assessments
  • Training plans


If you wish to arrange a FREE consultation/workshop our trainers would be happy to book you in.

VIP Membership

This is a great way to invest in your future health and fitness and to keep yourself  motivated and focused on your training without committing to full time training sessions.

For an extra £10 a month on top of your membership you will get the following


  • 1x  40 min PT session each month
  • New monthly workout plan designed around your goals, lifestyle and personal preference
  • New monthly meal and supplement plan on the same guild lines
  • As the WTF team now knows your goals, strength levels, injuries etc. we will be watching your form while you train in the gym throughout the month and will correct your technique if we see you slip up or encourage you to lift heavier or step up the intensity level if we think you can work harder!

You can come off this membership at any time and upgrade to full time PT or you can add some extra PT sessions to your VIP membership.



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